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Product introduction: Oxygen cylinder combustion sample processing equipment

Hello, this is Nakano, the technical manager at Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.)

This time, we will introduce an oxygen cylinder combustion sample processing device that opens up a new world of analysis!

Thanks to its highly efficient pretreatment and reliable analysis, it is used in a wide variety of applications.

◆Wide range of uses◆
Ideal for quantitative analysis of heavy metals and harmful halogen elements in electronic plastic products and circuit boards.It can be used in various fields such as quality control, environmental research, and product development.

◆Many examples of achievements◆
It has been adopted by many users, from major companies to research institutions, and has received high praise.We contribute to cutting-edge research and quality improvement through reliable analysis.

The oxygen cylinder combustion sample processing device is a reliable device that opens up new analytical possibilities.Detailed information has been uploaded to the member-only resource page.

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We will continue to periodically provide information on the basic principles of ion chromatographs, how to use them, key points for sample preparation, etc., as well as touch on examples of applications in actual work.We hope that this information will help you support analysis operations using ion chromatographs through troubleshooting methods and maintenance information that will be useful for instructing new employees.

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Oxygen cylinder video released

NEWS Tech News Hello, my name is Nakano and I am in charge of technology at Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.)This time, we will introduce a video of how to use "oxygen cylinder".Analytical accuracy and reliability begin with sample preparation.As a reliable partner, oxygen

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Kaken Chemical EC site released (English version)

Introducing the world's smallest dual system IC PIC-60 for active researchers who want to perform simultaneous analysis with light footwork! Equipped with a thin high-capacity battery that can run continuously for over 1 hours on a single charge. You can perform IC analysis by taking advantage of your mobility!

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About business during Golden Week

We regret to inform you that we will be closed during Golden Week on the following dates.
[Closed days] April 4th (Sat) - April 27th (Mon), May 4rd (Fri) - May 29th (Mon)
*We will be open as usual on April 4th (Tuesday), May 30st (Wednesday), and May 5nd (Thursday).

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