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Product introduction: Auto sampler [PAS-III]

Hello, this is Nakano, the technical manager at Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.)

Today, we would like to introduce the autosampler PAS-III, which dramatically improves the efficiency of analysis work.Innovative automation technology saves time and effort and delivers more accurate results.

◆Attractive features of the autosampler PAS-III◆

Automated sampling: Reduce manual effort and ensure consistent analysis.
Various samples: Compatible with various samples, including liquids and solids.Can be used in a wide range of fields.
High-precision dispensing: Precise dispensing technology ensures accurate analytical results.
Easy to operate: The intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to operate.
Programmable: Complex analysis procedures can be set up with simple programming.

PAS-III is the tool that opens up the future of analytical work.
Reduce your workload with improved efficiency through automatic sampling and highly accurate analysis results, and realize next-generation analysis work with ease of operation that does not require specialized knowledge.

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"PAS-III type autosampler" "PAS-V type (with automatic sample setting and dilution function)"

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