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Product introduction: Integrated IC [PIC-10]

Hello, this is Nakano, the technical manager at Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.)

We would like to introduce the ion chromatograph PIC-10 to those seeking highly accurate analysis.
Incredible performance and innovative technology open up the future of analysis.

Integrated ion chromatograph PIC-10

Ion chromatographs handled by Kaken Chemical realize high-quality analysis cost-effectively.
We offer optimal analysis solutions that combine excellent performance with affordable prices.

◆Attractive features of PIC-10◆

1. Excellent sensitivity: Even trace amounts of components can be detected reliably.Achieves high-sensitivity analysis economically.
2. Versatile applications: Compatible with a wide range of samples, including liquids and solids.Can be used in a wide range of fields.
3. User-friendly: Anyone can easily perform analysis with intuitive operation.
4. Highly reliable: Robust system designed to provide accurate results.
5. Highly efficient analysis: Automatic sampling and rapid measurements enable efficient work.

Puren's PIC-10 ion chromatograph is the ideal choice for high-quality analysis on a budget.Please take the first step towards a revolutionary analytical experience.

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We have a variety of materials available for our members.

We will continue to periodically provide information on the basic principles of ion chromatographs, how to use them, key points for sample preparation, etc., as well as touch on examples of applications in actual work.We hope that this information will help you support analysis operations using ion chromatographs through troubleshooting methods and maintenance information that will be useful for instructing new employees.


IC maintenance

NEWS Tech News Hello, this is Nakano.I am in charge of technology at Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.)This time we will be covering ``Ion Chromatograph Maintenance.''I will continue to provide information on the basic principles of ion chromatography, how to use it, and trials on an irregular basis.

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World's smallest class portable IC SHC-IC60

Introducing the world's smallest dual system IC PIC-60 for active researchers who want to perform simultaneous analysis with light footwork! Equipped with a thin high-capacity battery that can run continuously for over 1 hours on a single charge. You can perform IC analysis by taking advantage of your mobility!

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