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Matters regarding publication of purpose of collection and use of personal information
Our company complies with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information," and in addition to shipping products, we provide information and proposals regarding our next business, conclude and fulfill contracts, provide after-sales service, and contact customers.・We will use your personal information for purposes such as communications, payment requests, development of new products and services, and provision of information that may be useful to you.When acquiring personal information of customers, etc. for other purposes, we will clearly state the purpose of use each time, unless there is a reason such as the purpose of use is obvious from the circumstances of acquisition.

■ Consultant business
・Comprehensive consulting for system introduction
・Advanced expert consulting
・Component analysis, environmental measurement, and consulting
■ One-stop ODM service
■ Ion chromatrophy import and sales business
■ Intellectual property introduction support business
■ Advertising and sales promotion support business
■Physical and chemical equipment collection business
■ Services for members

2. Purpose of use
(1) For delivery and billing of products, materials, etc.
(2) For operations that are essential for carrying out the transaction requested by the customer.
(3) To respond to customer contacts and requests for materials, etc.
(4) To receive opinions and impressions from customers.
(5) For market research and development of new products and services
(6) To inform and provide information on products, services, campaigns, new products, surveys, and various events handled by our company or our affiliates, as well as results.
(7) For distribution services using social networking services such as e-mail and LINE, and for sending advertisements and announcements such as publications.
(8)Identification of the person in case of inquiries, etc.
(9) For other matters incidental to or related to our business.

Matters regarding personal information that should be made available to the person in question
The matters regarding personal information held by our company are as follows.

Name of business entity handling personal information: Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.)

Purpose of use of retained personal information: Same as "Matters regarding publication of purpose of collection and use of personal information" above

Third party provision of personal information
We will not provide the personal information we have entrusted to a third party except in the following cases.
(1) When we have received prior consent from the customer
(2) When outsourcing to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use
(3) When required to provide information based on laws and regulations.
(4) When it is necessary to protect human life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent.
(5) When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy upbringing of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
(6) In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with the national or local government in carrying out the affairs stipulated by law, and where there is a risk that obtaining consent from the customer may impede the execution of the affairs.

Outsourced supervision
In order to smoothly carry out operations such as providing products and services to customers, our company outsources operations to subcontractors and, to the extent necessary, transfers some personal information to external subcontractors. may be provided to.In that case, our company will conduct appropriate management and supervision in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and its guidelines to ensure that the outsourcing company handles personal information appropriately, such as by entering into a handling agreement with the outsourcing company.

Management of personal information
In order to prevent the leakage, loss, damage, etc. of personal information, the Company shall establish a personal information protection manager, strive for sufficient safety protection, and keep personal information accurate and up-to-date. , We will manage the personal information we have received properly.

[Personal Information Protection Consultation Desk]

Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.) Personal Information Protection Consultation Desk
SHC Building XNUMXF, XNUMX-XNUMX Tajiri-cho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL: 050-1033-0158
Reception hours Monday to Friday
10:00-17:00 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


Disclosure, inquiry, correction or deletion of retained personal information
Our company stipulates the disclosure, inquiry, correction, or deletion of personal information provided by customers to our company as follows.

1. Disclosure of retained personal information
If a customer requests disclosure of retained personal information that can identify the person in question, the Company will disclose such retained personal information without delay.
However, if any of the following items apply, we may not disclose all or part of the information.If we decide not to disclose the information, we will notify you with the reason.
(1) If disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of the person or a third party.
(2) In cases where there is a risk of significant hindrance to our company's business operations due to disclosure.
(3) If the subject of the request for disclosure does not fall under retained personal information
(4) If it cannot be confirmed that the application was made by the person in question.
(5) When the authority of representation cannot be confirmed when applying by a representative
(6) If there is a deficiency in the prescribed application procedure
(7) When it violates other laws and regulations

2. Correction of retained personal information, etc.
If the Company is requested by a customer to correct, add to, or delete the retained personal information (hereinafter referred to as "Correction, etc.") on the grounds that the retained personal information that identifies the individual concerned is untrue, the Company shall , conduct the necessary investigation without delay within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and based on the results, the We will make corrections to the content of retained personal information and notify the person accordingly.

3. Suspension of use of retained personal information, etc.
Our company receives a request from a customer because the retained personal information that can identify the person in question is being handled beyond the scope of the purpose of use announced in advance, or because it was obtained by deception or other fraudulent means. If you are requested to suspend the use or delete the retained personal information (hereinafter referred to as "suspension of use, etc."), we will conduct the necessary investigation without delay, and based on the results, we will suspend the use of the retained personal information, etc. We will do so and notify you accordingly.However, in cases where it would require a large amount of money to suspend the use of the retained personal information, or where it is difficult to suspend the use, etc., we will take alternative measures necessary to protect the rights and interests of the individual. If possible, we will take such measures.

4. Where to submit requests for disclosure of retained personal information, etc.
Requests for disclosure, etc. should be made in writing, enclosing the necessary documents specified in (2) to (3) below, and mailed to the address in (1).
Please note that we cannot accept requests by methods other than mail, such as requests made in person at our office.
(1) [Delivery address] As per [Contact information] in “Management of personal information” above
(2) Documents for identity verification
A copy of the person's driver's license, health insurance card, or passport (the part with the person's name and address written on each is required)
(3) Required documents in case of request by proxy
If the person making the request is the person's parent or guardian, an assistant, curator, adult guardian under the statutory guardianship system, or a voluntary guardian under the voluntary guardianship system (hereinafter collectively referred to as "statutory representative") ) or an agent authorized by the person, please send the following documents in addition to the identification documents in (2).
① In the case of a legal representative
 A Documents to confirm that you have legal power of representation
   Parent: XNUMX copy of family register or insurance card with dependents written on it
   Guardian of a minor: XNUMX copy of the person’s family register
   Assistant, curator, adult guardian, or voluntary guardian: XNUMX certificate of guardianship registration information (issued by the Legal Affairs Bureau)
 B. Identity verification document of the legal representative (same as (2)) XNUMX copy
② In the case of a delegated agent
 A Power of attorney
 B. One copy of the person's seal impression certificate (issued within the last three months)
 C. Agent's own identity verification document (same as (2)) XNUMX copy
(4) How to respond to your request We will respond in writing to the address of the person listed on the request.
(5) What to do if there are any deficiencies in documents, etc. In the following cases, we will contact you to inform you that you need to resubmit or add additional documents, etc.If the items specified by our company (resubmission of documents, etc.) are not completed within two weeks of contacting us (including cases where the request does not reach our company), we will treat your request as if it had never been received. note that.
 A. If there are any deficiencies in the application form, such as missing required information.
 (b) If identity verification documents are not enclosed or are incomplete.
 C) If some or all of the documents in (3) are not enclosed or are incomplete.


About security
Our forms are encrypted using SSL as a security measure to protect personal information so that our customers can use them more safely.When entering and submitting data on forms, all communication between your web browser and the server is encrypted using SSL encrypted communication, so the information you enter will be transmitted safely.

Regarding the use of cookies, etc. for advertising distribution
Our website (hereinafter referred to as this service site) uses cookies in order to provide services more suited to our customers.The purpose of using cookies is to analyze the usage status of this service site, optimize notifications (advertisements), and link with SNS.
The Company collects attribute information such as age, gender, occupation, area of ​​residence, etc. that cannot be used to identify individuals, device information, location information and action history of users within this service site (accessed URLs, content, order of reference, etc.), and when using smartphones, etc. We may obtain location information (limited to information based on user consent/application).

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