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Providing one-stop ODM service for chromatography medical equipment

Chromatography ODM

<Total solution by integrating R&D and production>

・Fully automatic therapeutic drug monitoring using chromatography
・Fully automated vitamin testing using chromatography
・Pretreatment for mass spectrometry using magnetic bead method

・Project development
・Hardware development
・Reagent development
・Registration service
・Production services

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our mission

We aim to become a core resource company that contributes to the possibilities of ion chromatography technology and the future of people by building a global analytical chemistry exchange platform and supporting the promotion of innovation in analytical technology through collaboration between industry, academia, and government.


Contributing to new value creation in the analytical technology field

Missions 2

Providing new added value by integrating science and management

Missions 3

Backup for building a global scientific exchange platform

Chromatrophy market growth forecast

Growth forecast from 2020 to 2027

Growth rate in 2020
US$23 billion
Growth rate in 2027
US$31 billion

The Chroma Trophy market is expected to witness a global growth rate of +2020% during the forecast period 2027-4.3.

Share forecast for 2027

In Japan, the market is expected to be 100-150 billion yen.

Source: Global Information Co., Ltd.

Other businesses

consultant business

A wide range of services including system implementation, operation and maintenance, analysis, data management, education, etc.

Ion chromatography import and sales

Import and sales of ion chromatography related equipment from overseas manufacturers

Intellectual property introduction support

Support for introducing intellectual property such as technology and information useful for business and research

Advertising promotion support

Advertising and promotion support for advertising, academic conferences, and exhibitions aimed at raising awareness.

We offer member-only benefits such as the latest information and access to non-public materials.

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