Consulting business

Comprehensive consulting

We offer system proposals and implementation support to solve customer issues.
Even after installation, we support our customers' business and research with a reliable backup system, from equipment maintenance to consumables arrangement, specialized knowledge training, analysis technology, and data integration.

Advanced expert consulting

By building a global analytical chemistry exchange platform and supporting the promotion of innovation in analytical technology through collaboration between industry, academia, and government, we support full automation of measurement equipment, automatic optimization of analytical methods, and data management management by highly-skilled experts.We will address the problem of lack of engineers.

Component analysis/environmental measurement consulting

In collaboration with a specialized analysis team, we respond to requests for measurement and analysis in a variety of fields, including the detection of trace components in valuable samples, the measurement of quantitative additives, and the identification of contaminants.

Partner company introduction

Hermay Labs (Canada) is a partner company in the highly specialized field services promoted by Kaken Chemistry.

・Pharmaceuticals and synthetic chemistry
・Low molecule synthesis
・Scale-up and synthesis process development
・Design and synthesis of analogs or focused libraries
・SAR research and lead optimization
・Computer-assisted drug discovery and development
・Proprietary software-based toxicity prediction, ADME and PK
・Generation of analogues covering the chemical field for intellectual property protection
・Molecular modeling
・Protein dynamics
・Protein-ligand docking Molecular modeling of ligand-protein interactions
・Original compound design/generation of new derivatives
・Protein biochemistry and molecular mechanisms for discovering protein targets
・Evaluation of cellular mechanisms using relevant cell-based assays
・Protein analysis and proteomics, etc.

Other consulting support

Ion chromatography import and sales

Import and sales of ion chromatography related equipment from overseas manufacturers

Intellectual property introduction support

Support for introducing intellectual property such as technology and information useful for business and research

Advertising promotion support

Advertising and promotion support for advertising, academic conferences, and exhibitions aimed at raising awareness.

Regarding various consulting
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Consultant business FAQ

■General consulting related questions

Yes, it is possible to lease the ion chromatograph equipment we handle.

For more information, please contact our office orContact formPlease contact us.

Yes, please leave it to me.We will conduct a demonstration using the equipment you wish to install at your desired date and time.

You can also set up an online interview where you can ask questions directly to the manufacturer, and watch how to use the product in the online training videos we have prepared for customers who have installed the product to learn how to use it.

For more information, please contact our office orContact formPlease contact us.

Yes, we also accept collection of physical and chemical equipment that becomes unnecessary at the same time as installation.

During the meeting at the time of installation, please tell our staff the details of the specifications and condition of the equipment you wish to collect.

For more information,Contact formPlease feel free to contact us.

Yes, we offer technology tailored to your convenience, such as online training where you can watch training videos and learn operating and analysis methods at your own time, and online training where you can receive lectures on operating methods directly from manufacturer engineers. We provide training.

For more information,Contact formPlease feel free to contact us.

Depending on the device you use, the device itself comes with a 3-5 year warranty depending on the manufacturer.We will also replace parts if necessary.

For more information,Contact formPlease feel free to contact us.

■Questions related to consumables and options

Is possible.For more information,Contact formPlease feel free to contact us.

■Advanced expert consulting related

Yes, as a technical consultant, we will enter into a non-disclosure agreement with your company, pay careful attention to the handling of important information, and then configure the system automation to match your desired analysis content.

For more information,Contact formPlease feel free to contact us.

■Component analysis/environmental measurement consulting related

Pesticide residue testing is used to measure the amount of pesticides remaining in agricultural products and foods to ensure food safety.

The method for testing residual pesticides is stipulated by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), and the specific JIS standard number and test method vary depending on the type of pesticide and the target to be measured. Please contact us for detailed grain information.

The steps for pesticide residue testing are as follows:

① Sample collection: Collect samples of agricultural products and foods to be tested.Sample selection and collection methods vary depending on the test subject and purpose.

② Sample extraction: Extract pesticide residues from the sample using a suitable solvent for extracting pesticide residues in agricultural products and foods.

③ Measurement: Measure the concentration of the extracted pesticide residue using an appropriate analytical method.

④ Evaluation of results: Based on the measurement results, evaluate whether the concentration of residual pesticides exceeds the specifications or standard values.

⑤ Report: We will summarize the test results as a report and report it to you.

For specific JIS standards and test methods, we recommend that you refer to the website of Japan's National Standards Certification Corporation (JISC) and information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

For more information,Contact formPlease feel free to contact us.

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