Consulting business

Comprehensive consulting

We offer system proposals and implementation support to solve customer issues.
Even after installation, we provide equipment maintenance, consumables arrangement, specialized knowledge training, analysis technology, and data integration.
We support your business and research with a reliable backup system.

Advanced expert consulting

With a technical system staffed by highly-skilled experts
Supports full automation of measurement equipment, automatic optimization of analysis methods, and data management management.
We will address the problem of lack of engineers.

Component analysis/environmental measurement
IT Consulting

In collaboration with a specialized analysis team
Detection and quantification of trace components in precious samples
Measurement of additives, identification of contaminants, etc.
We respond to requests for measurement and analysis in various fields.

our mission

We aim to provide a comprehensive one-stop ODM service for IC equipment.

Free demonstration machine rental service

We offer a free rental service of demo machines for those considering product introduction.

Intellectual property introduction support

Intellectual property introduction support useful for business and research

Advertising promotion support

Advertising and promotion support for advertising, academic conferences, and exhibitions

Ion chromatography import and sales

Import and sales of IC related equipment from overseas manufacturers

Physical and chemical equipment collection business

Collection of used analytical equipment, laboratory equipment, laboratory furniture, and general laboratory equipment


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