World's smallest class portable IC SHC-IC60

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world's smallest class
Introducing a dual channel portable ion chromatograph!

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Fulfilling the wishes of active researchers
Portable IC SHC-IC60 with large capacity battery

The SHC-IC60, which uses a dual system with excellent analysis speed, is one of the world's smallest ICs, yet is capable of rapid simultaneous analysis of anions and cations! Equipped with a thin, large-capacity battery that can operate continuously for over 1 hours on a single charge, and also supports connectivity with wireless Wi-Fi, Android, and Win systems, providing mobility that was impossible in the laboratory. You can perform analysis using

・Uses a large-capacity bag-type eluent supply system
・Safety design where water supply and power supply methods are completely separated from energized parts
・The thin, large-capacity battery allows continuous operation for approximately 1 hours or more on a single charge.
・Capable of processing huge amounts of data
・Advanced human-machine interaction
- Simultaneous analysis of dual high-pressure pumps, dual injectors, and two software units is possible.
- You can easily download large amounts of data by connecting to wireless Wi-Fi.
-Supports Android and Win8 systems, and can transmit data in real time even when connected to an external device.
・If you install the software on a tablet or other device, you can access your data anytime and anywhere.
[Technical specifications]
・Maximum pressure: ≥37MPa (PEEK), ≥42MPa (stainless steel)
・Flow rate range: 0.001mL/min ~ 9.999mL/min

■Column heater
・Operating temperature range: 5 ~65°C Temperature accuracy: ±0.004°C
・Temperature stability: ≤0.1°C/h
・Size (L*W*H*): 320*260*430 (mm)

・Pressure test: ≥37MPa
・Electrical conductivity detector
・Detection range: Anion Cl- ≤ 0.003μg/mL Cation Li+ ≤ 0.001μg/mL
・Baseline noise: ≤0.02%FS (anions) ≤0.05%FS (cations)
・Baseline drift: ≤0.2%FS (anion) ≤0.18%FS (cation)
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