The birth of an ambassador character!

Everyone, we have great news today!


The ambassador character of Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.) has been born!

Character introduction
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An anion fairy with a strong tendency to overthink. He's aiming to be a cool, nihilistic anion, but he's worried about a lot of things and overthinks things until he's satisfied with them, and his eyebrows are always wrinkled.
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A positive and playful fairy. She has a quick wit and is good at making cute and sharp thrusts in an innocent way. Full of curiosity, but easily bored. She is a beloved character who sometimes tries to fool everyone around with her cute smile, but you can't help but forgive her.
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He is a big wine lover and gourmand who can talk passionately for hours if you ask him to talk about ion chromatography analysis of fruit wines and food. Her hobby is field work, where she drives her Mercedes-Benz on the slopes and visits research sites.
Anion fairy "Anyon" who thinks too much, "Kachiyon" a bright and cheerful cation fairy, and Dr. Kraito who is stylish and active.
They appear in various places and introduce the features and appeal of our business and products in a fun and easy-to-understand manner.

Please look forward to it!
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