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Food field materials

・Measurement of bromide in mineral water using ion chromatography
・Application of ion chromatography in drinking water analysis
・Mineral water analysis using ion chromatography
・Analysis of chlorite and chlorate using ion chromatography
・Measurement of bromate in flour using ion chromatography
・Measurement of fructan in powdered milk using ion chromatography
・Ion chromatography application example - Food analysis - Nitrate and nitrite
・Application example of plastic bottled drinking water using ion chromatography
・Food field application examples
・Antibiotic residue test in marine products
・Water quality analysis application example

Medical/pharmaceutical field materials
・Pharmaceutical field application examples
・Exosome magnetic extraction and industrial column purification
Environmental field materials

・Application of ion chromatography in environmental analysis
・Application example of mud analysis using ion chromatography
・Waste field application examples
・Water quality analysis application example
・Environmental field application examples
・Application examples in the exhaust/exhaust gas field

Semiconductor field materials

・Application of ion chromatography in the semiconductor industry
・Semiconductor application examples-English SHC
・Application of ion chromatography in the semiconductor industry

Electrical field materials

・Application examples of lithium batteries

Other materials

・Other field application examples


・Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.) Product Catalog
・Kken Chemical_Ion Chromatograph IC Catalog

・MIP32 QG3000 therapeutic drug monitoring system
・MIP32 QG3000 fully automatic vitamin measurement system
・QG3000 Fully automatic vitamin measurement system

・PIC-10A+(single channel)+auto sampler
・PIC-10A+(dual channel)+auto sampler
・PIC-80+(single channel)+auto sampler
・PIC-80+(dual channel)+auto sampler

・High-throughput magnetic purification total solution for nucleic acid drugs
・Magnetic solid phase extraction total solution for sample pretreatment
・Offline solid phase extraction system solution
Instruction Manuals

・YCY-4Oxygen Bomb Combustion

・Auto sampler instruction manual + model: PAS-I + single channel
・Auto sampler instruction manual + model: PAS-III + dual channel

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