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What is an ion chromatograph?

All substances are made up of various atoms combined.
When we break down the things around us into small pieces, we find that the smallest substances atomI'm going to go to the middle of the day.

For example, you can add additives to water or ingredients, heat them, cool and freeze them, and process them into various foods.
Individual atoms do not disappear, multiply, or change into other atoms.
Even if a chemical reaction is applied to fibers or metals to significantly change their appearance, the atoms do not change.

An atom consists of a nucleus with protons and neutrons and electrons flying around it.
the state in which atoms are charged with electricityionIt's called.

Ion chromatography technology is developed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Pharmaceutical Industry Policy Research Institute, the Japan Science and Technology Agency,
Research results development project [Advanced measurement and analysis technology/equipment development program]
This is a highly reliable measurement method that is also used by related organizations such as the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and e-GMP.
Ion chromatography is a non-destructive analysis method.
Identify components and additives in substances.

Ion exchange chromatography measures ionic species compositionA type of liquid chromatographyIt is one of the separation technologies that is positioned as

Dissociable ions on the ion exchange resin are reversibly exchanged with similarly charged solute ions in the mobile phase, separating the ions due to their different affinities to the ion exchanger.
Therefore, ion chromatography is generally applied to the separation and detection of hydrophilic anions and cations.

When a sample is injected, the analyte ions are first exchanged with dissociable ions on the ion exchange resin (i.e., retained in the analytical column).
Using NaOH solution as eluent, F-, Cl, SO in the sample42-When analyzing ions, the ions retained in the analytical column are replaced by OH, and ions with weak affinity for the resin are eluted first.This is the separation process of ion chromatography.

The eluent can be suppressed with a chemical inhibitor to reduce the background conductance of the eluent.The conductivity of the eluent can also be lowered, and when the analyte ions enter the conductive cell, they are accurately measured and a detection signal is output.

The concentration of the detected ions is measured using a conductivity detector or an optical detector, and the main ion components are identified.
This measurement method is a non-destructive analysis method that allows detection and quantification of trace components without changing the properties or structure of the sample.

Therefore, ion chromatographs are also suitable for analyzing valuable samples.

used for such analysis.

Ion chromatographs are used in a wide range of fields, including the environment, water quality, food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemistry, to detect pollutants, components, and analyze, identify, and measure additives.

For example, in the food field, it is used to measure bromide in mineral water, chlorite and chlorate, bromate in flour, fructan in powdered milk, water quality analysis, and vitamins. It is beingOn the other hand, in the medical and pharmaceutical field, it is used for nucleic acid drug analysis and therapeutic drug monitoring, and in the environmental field, it is used in fields that require continuous automated measurement, such as environmental analysis, mud analysis, waste analysis, and exhaust gas analysis. used.In other electronic and electrical fields, ion chromatography is also applied to the latest semiconductor technology.

Perform your analysis using these products.

  • desktop IC

    Significantly improving instrument stability, intelligence, and convenience, the new D-series desktop ICs play a key role in functional versatility and detection of common anions, cations, and trace ions.

  • Integrated IC

    The all-in-one ion chromatograph, which can be customized in a variety of ways, combines dual detectors, dual pumps, dual injection, dual columns, and two software units into one, enabling efficient mass analysis.

  • portable IC

    Portable ICs take advantage of their mobility and can respond quickly, regardless of location, when an unexpected accident occurs.Although it is small and lightweight, it has the same accuracy as a laboratory IC.

  • Online IC

    Online IC fully realizes online preprocessing, automatic sampling, and automatic data processing.Continuous air and water quality monitoring and online combustion IC systems enable on-line detection of halogens and sulfur in solid and liquid samples, constantly monitoring proper line operation.

  • Customized IC

    Customized IC, which customizes products according to customer requirements, is widely used in many companies such as environmental protection, hydrogeology, petroleum, chemical industry, food, pharmacy, health, infectious disease prevention. , at the forefront of electronics, electrical and scientific research.

  • anion column

    It is the first candidate for IC method development or refinement.Excellent performance and stable polymer stationary phase Full batch traceability and reproducibility Wide applicability, widely applicable to domestic and imported brand ICs.

  • cation column

    It is the first candidate for IC method development or refinement.Excellent performance and stable polymer stationary phase Full batch traceability and reproducibility Wide applicability, widely applicable to domestic and imported brand ICs.

  • Pretreatment column

    It can remove organic substances and impurity ions from the sample, avoid column impurity contamination and affect the separation effect, effectively extend the service life of the column and improve the sample separation effect.

  • Autosampler

    We carry stand-alone autosamplers equipped with a 4.3-inch touch panel.

  • suppressor

    Suppressors generate H+ and OH- through electrolysis of water at electrodes, and can realize directional movement and exchange of ions under the combined action of an electric field and an ion exchange membrane.It reduces background conductance, improves the sensitivity of measured ions, and allows "counter ions" in the sample to be disposed of as waste.

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