Recruitment of distributors

Notice of recruitment of scientific equipment distributors

As a leading ion chromatograph company, Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.) provides innovative solutions to educational institutions, research facilities, and laboratories in the supply of high-quality scientific equipment.We aim to promote the spread of our products and are looking for new distributors to build new partnerships.

Join us as we grow our business and build success together in science education and research.

Chromatrophy market growth forecast

Growth rate in 2020
US$23 billion
Growth rate in 2027
US$31 billion

The Chroma Trophy market is expected to witness a global growth rate of +2020% during the forecast period 2027-4.3.

Share forecast for 2027

In Japan, the market is expected to be 100-150 billion yen.
Our scientific equipment has the following features:
・High quality: Product lineup that meets high quality standards
・Wide range of applications: Suitable for a wide variety of uses such as education, research, and industrial fields.
・Support and training: Comprehensive support from product introduction to after-sales support
・Competitive price: cost-effective solution
Agency benefits:

・Exclusive regional markets: Provides exclusive distribution rights in selected regions
・Mature market and new opportunities: Stable sales and new business opportunities in a mature market
・Product reliability: high quality products and continuous customer support
・Attractive benefits: Attractive compensation structure that rewards success

We look forward to partnering with our new distributors.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
Let's explore great business opportunities together.
Application/Contact to become a science equipment sales representative:
Please use the form below.We also receive inquiries and consultations regarding agent registration.
Science equipment distributor recruitment form

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