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■ Consultant business
・Comprehensive consulting for system introduction
・Advanced expert consulting
・Component analysis, environmental measurement, and consulting
■ One-stop ODM service
■ Ion chromatrophy import and sales business
■ Intellectual property introduction support business
■ Advertising and sales promotion support business
■Physical and chemical equipment collection business
■ Services for members

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4 types of ion chromatographs
 ・Desktop type/desktop IC
 ・Portable type/portable IC
 ・Online type/Online IC
 ・Customized type/customized IC

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Environmental protection/Food/Pharmaceuticals/Hydrogeology/Petrochemistry/Health/Infectious disease prevention/Electronics/Electrical/Scientific research/Hydrogeology/Others

Solution provided: More than 5000 companies
Export area: More than 50 countries

<Our know-how technology>
Analysis using hollow capillary columns
Hollow column liquid chromatography system and separation of substances using the system

Owned patents

Hollow column liquid chromatography system and separation of substances using the system

[Country of issue] Japan Patent Office (JP)
[Publication type] Patent publication (B2)
[Patent number] Patent No. 6476386 (P6476386)
[Registration date] February 31, 2 (15)
[Date of issue] March 31, 3 (March 6, 2019.3.6)
[Name of the invention] Hollow column liquid chromatography system and separation of substances using the system

The present invention is a liquid chromatography system for the purpose of making it possible to separate substances that cannot be separated even by using conventional liquid chromatography systems due to their small separation force. A chromatography system, the liquid chromatography system comprising at least a hollow column, the hollow column being an untreated hollow quartz silica or natural quartz capillary column without packing material. It is a liquid chromatography system.


How to use the standard loading system


In this book, we will introduce the various methods for loading the color selections and loading methods for use in the color columns.In concrete terms, this method is based on the Japanese system, and the use of external moving equipment, general grains, and the target height of the floor body.

our mission

We aim to become a core resource company that contributes to the possibilities of ion chromatography technology and the future of people by building a global analytical chemistry exchange platform and supporting the promotion of innovation in analytical technology through collaboration between industry, academia, and government.


Contributing to new value creation in the analytical technology field

Missions 2

Providing new added value by integrating science and management

Missions 3

Backup for building a global scientific exchange platform

Chromatrophy market growth forecast

Growth forecast from 2020 to 2027

Growth rate in 2020
US$23 billion
Growth rate in 2027
US$31 billion

The Chroma Trophy market is expected to witness a global growth rate of +2020% during the forecast period 2027-4.3.

Share forecast for 2027

In Japan, the market is expected to be 100-150 billion yen.

Source: Global Information Co., Ltd.

We publish various videos on the official youtube channel of Kaken Chemistry.

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As part of our ever-growing sales team, our professional staff will work with you to create the future by providing the value and support of high-quality, innovative science and chemistry equipment to our customers in research institutions, universities, and industry. We are looking for.

Recruitment of distributors

We are looking for distributors who can actively work on building new partnerships to promote the spread of our products in society.Join us to develop your business and build success in the field of scientific education and research.

We offer member-only benefits such as the latest information and access to non-public materials.

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