Adopted by national university

Hello, this is Nakano, the technical manager at Kaken Kagaku (SHC Co., Ltd.)

Well, today I have some very happy news.
We are pleased to announce that our ion chromatograph has been adopted by the laboratory of one of Japan's top engineering national universities!

This selection is proof that the superior performance and reliability of KAKEN CHEMICAL's analytical technology has been highly evaluated even at the highest level of research facilities.
We are very proud that this product was chosen by researchers at a national university.

Our ion chromatographs are used in a wide range of fields, from sensitive analysis to a wide range of applications, delivering quality and innovation.
The adoption by a national university laboratory is an example of recognition for its excellent performance and service.


This adoption has further strengthened our trust in our products and our gratitude to everyone.
We are committed to continuing to provide products that contribute to your research and analysis.

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Kaken Chemical will continue to evolve as a partner for a better future.

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We will continue to periodically provide information on the basic principles of ion chromatographs, how to use them, key points for sample preparation, etc., as well as touch on examples of applications in actual work.We hope that this information will help you support analysis operations using ion chromatographs through troubleshooting methods and maintenance information that will be useful for instructing new employees.

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